paltalk smileys
Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk Messenger 11.6

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Paltalk Messenger helps you share files place calls and talk to your friends.


GetSmile 1.9

Developer Sofrayt

A huge collection of different smileys for your IM programs and webpages.


Paltalk 11.1

Developer AVM Software, Paltak

Paltalk lets you explore your online world of chat sites.

Crawler Smileys

Crawler Smileys 4.2

Developer Crawler, LLC

A free program to add funny smiles into your messages.


Paltalk Smileys

Smileys for Windows Live Writer

Smileys for Windows Live Writer 1.0

Developer Crawler, LLC

Smiley for WLW 2.0 allows you to insert smileys & emoticons in your blog posts.

Handy Animated Emoticons

Handy Animated Emoticons 5.0

Developer Scorpio Software

It allows you to insert more than 500 smileys and emoticons.

Admin Board

Admin Board 9.0

Developer imFiles

Paltalk Admin Board by TWiZA is a real cool program for paltalk room admins.

Batman Widget

Batman Widget 3.1

Developer K9calamity

It basically displays smileys according to the battery's status.

EZ Smileys for AIM

EZ Smileys for AIM 2.0


Get 200 new Smileys for AIM!

Sharat's Smileys RELOADED for BORGChat

Sharat's Smileys RELOADED for BORGChat 4.0

Developer TheCodeMaster


facemoods 24.0

Developer Facemoods

Download funmoods and get these amazing social network emoticons and animations.

Paltalk Color Multi Filfel

Paltalk Color Multi Filfel 9.9

Developer Paltalk Filfel

With Paltalk you will be able to color your nick instantly online.


Facicons 1.0

Developer Facicons

Addon that allows you to add emoticons to your Facebook Status and comments.

Paltalk Paltalk Setup

Paltalk Paltalk Setup 9.9

Developer AVM Software Inc.


Paltalk Smileys

SweetIM for Facebook

SweetIM for Facebook 1.0

Developer SweetIM Technologies Ltd.

Surprise your friends with cool and animated smileys.

FaceSmooch Toolbar

FaceSmooch Toolbar 6.8

Developer FaceSmooch

FaceSmooch Toolbar is a facebook smileys tool for your browser.


SocialSay 2.0

Developer SocialSay

Express your social self and make your Facebook status and comments funny.

Paltalk FunText 10

Paltalk FunText 10 1.0

Developer imFiles

Paltalk Funtext 10 is a program to send cool text messages to paltalk room.

Paltalk Multi Paster

Paltalk Multi Paster 10.4

Developer Locohacker

Paltalk Multi Paster 10 is a program you can use in paltalk rooms.

Paltalk Music Bot paltalk-10

Paltalk Music Bot paltalk-10 10.2

Developer AVM Software Inc.

FaceSmooch Smileys

FaceSmooch Smileys 18.0


Facebook Smileys

Facebook Smileys 77.0

Developer PC Gizmos LTD

It adds emoticons, smilies, smileys to the Facebook chat.


Funmoods 2.2

Developer Funmoods

It is a collection of emoticons, an add-on for social networks chat.

Stickers Smileys

Stickers Smileys 1.0


Paltalk Sharer

Paltalk Sharer 1.0

Developer China

Paltalk Sharer is a program that you can use in Paltalk to share content.

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