Advanced IM Password Recovery

Advanced IM Password Recovery 4.6

Developer ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

It is a program that allows you to retrieve login and password info for IM apps.

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk Messenger 11.7

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Paltalk Messenger helps you share files place calls and talk to your friends.

AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software 7.0


This program allows you to easily change your voice in real-time.


Paltalk 11.1

Developer AVM Software, Paltak

Paltalk lets you explore your online world of chat sites.


Paltalk Messenger OLD Paltalk


FunWebcam 1.0

Developer Ensurebit software,Inc.

add animations & photo frames.

Paltalk Messenger Interop

Paltalk Messenger Interop 10.2

Developer Paltalk

Meet people around the world in Paltalk's video chat rooms.


VirtualCamera 1.0

Developer MorningSound Software

VirtualCamera is a virtual software camera that uses your pictures and movies.

CT Messenger

CT Messenger 2.2

Developer IVR Software

Add over-the-phone notification,paging,and SMS functionality to applications.

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk Password Recovery 6.0

Developer SmartKey

It recovers the login and password information saved in Paltalk.


SmartButler 1.1


Reads aloud Windows Live, Yahoo, Trillian Pro, Miranda messages and much more...

Virtual Camera

Virtual Camera 1.9


A virtual software camera that can be installed on Windows 98 ME 2000 and XP.

Admin Board

Admin Board 9.0

Developer imFiles

Paltalk Admin Board by TWiZA is a real cool program for paltalk room admins.

Paltalk Color Multi Filfel

Paltalk Color Multi Filfel 9.9

Developer Paltalk Filfel

With Paltalk you will be able to color your nick instantly online.

Paltalk Paltalk Setup

Paltalk Paltalk Setup 9.9

Developer AVM Software Inc.


Paltalk Messenger OLD Paltalk

Paltalk SuperIM

Paltalk SuperIM 0.1.34 beta

Developer AVM Software

Paltalk’s SuperIM URL lets you easily video chat with family & friends.

Paltalk RSS Feeder

Paltalk RSS Feeder 1.0

Developer imFiles

Is a program which can be use in paltalk rooms to send all kind of RSS feeds.

Paltalk FunText 10

Paltalk FunText 10 1.0

Developer imFiles

Paltalk Funtext 10 is a program to send cool text messages to paltalk room.

Paltalk Multi Paster

Paltalk Multi Paster 10.4

Developer Locohacker

Paltalk Multi Paster 10 is a program you can use in paltalk rooms.

Paltalk Music Bot paltalk-10

Paltalk Music Bot paltalk-10 10.2

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Paltalk Bot

Paltalk Bot 1.6

Developer imFiles

It brings you various features that you can use in Paltalk chatting rooms.

Paltalk Messenger Setup

Paltalk Messenger Setup 11.6

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Winamp Bot Mega

Winamp Bot Mega 1.0

Developer China

It enables users to control Winamp from a Paltalk chat room.

SpotPaltalk Password Recovery

SpotPaltalk Password Recovery 1.1

Developer Nsasoft US LLC

SpotPaltalk recovers Paltalk instant messenger passwords.

Paltalk Sharer

Paltalk Sharer 1.0

Developer China

Paltalk Sharer is a program that you can use in Paltalk to share content.

Quick Admin List

Quick Admin List 1.0

Developer China-Cheats

Quick Admin List is a free helper for Paltalk Messenger.

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