MSN Emoticons Installer

MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2

Developer MSN Tools Software

MSN Emoticons Installer allows you to install additional emoticons for MSN.

Symbol Commander Pro

Symbol Commander Pro 3.1

Developer Sensiva, Inc.

Symbol Commander Pro is a useful utility which makes it universally simple.

Chinese Symbol Studio

Chinese Symbol Studio 3.9

Developer TheChineseSymbol

Creates high quality anti-aliasing, unique, accurate Chinese Symbols.

MSN Emoticons Plus

MSN Emoticons Plus 3.0

Developer MSN Content Plus

It allows you to preview, install more than 3480 emoticons into MSN Messenger.


Paltalk Emoticons AND Other Symbols

Snowflake Express 5

Snowflake Express 5 18.0

Developer Pokie Magic

A simulation poker or virtual slot machine game with a snow theme.

ASCII-MetaStock Downloader

ASCII-MetaStock Downloader 1.5

Developer T.B.S.P. Inc.

It is designed for those who want to download ASCII or MetaStock data.


Symbols 2.0

Developer Microsoft

Almost all customers require the symbols for the retail version.

Free Emoticons Set

Free Emoticons Set 1.0


Free Emoticons Set adds cool emoticons to your MSN messenger.

Free Emoticons Set 2

Free Emoticons Set 2 1.0


Free Emoticons Set 2 1.0 is a set of 31 emoticons for Windows Live messenger.

Funky Emoticons

Funky Emoticons 1.0

Developer Favorit Network, S.L.

Funky Emoticons 1.0 helps you add emoticons to the Messenger.

Raku Symbol Server

Raku Symbol Server 3.0

Developer Object Raku Technology Inc.

RSS is ideal for geospatial digital display as it creates symbols on-the-fly.

Astrolabe Font

Astrolabe Font 1.0

Developer Astrolabe Inc.

Astrolabe Font contains the most symbols and is the most economical with space.

ABarcode for Access 2000-2010

ABarcode for Access 2000-2010 10.2

Developer ABarCode Software

An Access add-in that allows you to print bar codes in any Access report.

Spirit Wolf

Spirit Wolf 1.0

Developer Phantom EFX

Wilds will keep charging up to 5X before collapsing, and HUGE wins can result!


Paltalk Emoticons AND Other Symbols

Savvy Symbol Key

Savvy Symbol Key 1.1

Developer Joshua Benghiat

Creates an accurate, customizable key to instrumentation.

Symbol Designer

Symbol Designer 1.0

Developer Pangaea Scientific

Resize a polygon or the entire symbol. Duplicate entire symbols to make new ones.

BoardMaker Addendum Libraries 2006

BoardMaker Addendum Libraries 2006 1.0

Developer Mayer-Johnson

Over 1300 additional symbols for BoardmakerĀ® and Writing With Symbols.

Paltalk FunText 10

Paltalk FunText 10 1.0

Developer imFiles

Paltalk Funtext 10 is a program to send cool text messages to paltalk room.

Paltalk Multi Paster

Paltalk Multi Paster 10.4

Developer Locohacker

Paltalk Multi Paster 10 is a program you can use in paltalk rooms.

Paltalk Emoticons 2012

Paltalk Emoticons 2012 1.0

Developer AVM Software Inc.

Paltalk Emoticons

Paltalk Emoticons 11.4

Developer NiNi@PhapAm

Paltalk Emoticons Jan 20

Paltalk Emoticons Jan 20

Developer NiNi@PhapAm

Paltalk Emoticons Jan. 2012

Paltalk Emoticons Jan. 2012 10.2

Developer NiNi@PhapAm

Facebook Status Symbols

Facebook Status Symbols 1.0

Developer PC Gizmos LTD.

This tool will add a status symbols menu above the status box.

Paltalk Emoticons Jan

Paltalk Emoticons Jan

Developer NiNi@PhapAm

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